When Was The Last Time Mexico Beat The USA? A Comprehensive Review

When Was The Last Time Mexico Beat The USA

The fierce soccer rivalry between Mexico and the USA has been a highlight in the CONCACAF region for decades. Both teams have passionate fan bases, historic players, and memorable matches that have shaped their footballing legacies. Understanding when was the last time Mexico beat the USA offers insights into their competitive dynamics, the evolution of both teams and the moments that have defined their encounters. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the recent history of this rivalry, highlight key matches, and explore the broader implications for both national teams. Whether you’re a seasoned soccer fan or new to the sport, this detailed examination will provide you with a deeper appreciation of one of the most intense rivalries in international soccer.

When Was The Last Time Mexico Beat Usa? 

The last time Mexico beat the USA in soccer was on September 6, 2019, during a friendly match. Mexico secured a 3-0 victory, showcasing their dominance and skill. This match was significant as it highlighted the competitive edge Mexico has over the USA in recent encounters. For more details on this historic rivalry and other memorable matches, continue reading our in-depth article.

Historical Significance Of Mexico Vs. Usa Soccer Rivalry

The soccer rivalry between Mexico and the USA is more than just a series of matches; it’s a clash of cultures, pride, and sporting excellence. The history of these encounters is filled with intense games, dramatic moments, and a showcase of footballing prowess.

The rivalry dates back to the early 20th century, with the first match taking place in 1934. Over the years, Mexico has often held the upper hand, but the USA has made significant strides, especially in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Each game is a testament to the growth and development of soccer in both countries.

One of the most memorable encounters was the 2002 FIFA World Cup round of 16 matches, where the USA triumphed with a 2-0 victory. This match was a turning point, demonstrating that the USA could compete on the world stage and challenge Mexico’s dominance.

In recent years, the matches have been closely contested, with both teams showcasing emerging talents and strategic prowess. The friendly match on September 6, 2019, where Mexico won 3-0, is a reminder of the ever-present competition and the ongoing battle for regional supremacy.

Understanding the historical context of this rivalry helps in appreciating the significance of each match. It’s not just about the scoreline but the stories, players, and moments that make this rivalry one of the most compelling in international soccer.

Key Matches Between Mexico and the USA

1. Memorable Matches and Their Impact

2002 FIFA World Cup Round of 16

One of the most significant matches in the Mexico vs. USA rivalry was during the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The USA’s 2-0 victory was a landmark moment, showcasing their ability to compete at the highest level.

2. 2011 Gold Cup Final

Another notable match was the 2011 Gold Cup final, where Mexico triumphed with a 4-2 victory. This match was memorable for Mexico’s comeback from a 2-0 deficit, highlighting their resilience and attacking prowess.

3. September 6, 2019, Friendly

The friendly match on September 6, 2019, saw Mexico securing a 3-0 victory over the USA. This match was significant as it showcased Mexico’s dominance and strategic superiority.

The recent encounters between Mexico and the USA have seen a shift towards more competitive and evenly matched games. Both teams have invested in youth development, bringing fresh talent to the forefront and making the rivalry even more exciting.

5. Impact on Regional Soccer

The rivalry between Mexico and the USA has had a profound impact on soccer in the CONCACAF region. It has elevated the standard of play, increased fan engagement, and brought more attention to the region’s footballing potential.

Top Players In Mexico Vs. Usa Matches

  • Landon Donovan (USA)
  • Clint Dempsey (USA)
  • Javier Hernandez (Mexico)
  • Rafa Marquez (Mexico)
  • Christian Pulisic (USA)
  • Giovani dos Santos (Mexico)

These players have made significant contributions to their national teams and have left an indelible mark on the Mexico vs. USA rivalry. Their performances in key matches have often been the deciding factor in the outcomes of these games.

Analyzing Tactical Approaches In Recent Matches

In recent matches between Mexico and the USA, tactical approaches have played a crucial role in determining the outcomes. Both teams have evolved their strategies to adapt to changing dynamics and player strengths.

  • Mexico’s Tactical Strengths: Mexico has traditionally relied on a possession-based style of play, emphasizing quick, short passes, and fluid movement. Their tactical approach often involves high pressing and exploiting spaces left by the opposition.
  • USA’s Tactical Evolution: The USA, on the other hand, has transitioned from a more defensive style to an aggressive, high-pressing game. The inclusion of younger, more dynamic players has allowed the USA to adopt a faster-paced, counter-attacking style.
  • Key Tactical Battles: The tactical battles between these two teams have been fascinating to watch. The match on September 6, 2019, saw Mexico effectively nullifying the USA’s high press and exploiting defensive weaknesses, leading to their 3-0 victory.

Fan Perspectives On The Mexico Vs. Usa Rivalry

1. Passionate Support: Fans on both sides are incredibly passionate about the Mexico vs. USA rivalry. These matches are more than just games; they are events that bring communities together and fuel national pride.

2. Cultural Significance: The rivalry transcends the pitch, reflecting broader cultural and social dynamics. For many fans, supporting their national team in this rivalry is a matter of identity and pride.

3. Matchday Atmosphere: The atmosphere during Mexico vs. USA matches is electric, with fans creating an unforgettable experience through chants, banners, and unwavering support.


The last time Mexico beat the USA was on September 6, 2019, in a friendly match with a 3-0 scoreline. As we look to the future, this rivalry promises to remain one of the most exciting in international soccer. Both teams are investing in youth development and evolving their tactical approaches, ensuring that each encounter will be closely contested. The rivalry between Mexico and the USA is not just about past results but about the ongoing battle for regional supremacy and the moments that will shape the future of soccer in the CONCACAF region.


1. When Was The Last Time Mexico Beat The USA in A Competitive Match?

The last competitive match where Mexico beat the USA was on September 6, 2019, during a friendly match.

2. How Often Do Mexico And The Usa Play Against Each Other?

Mexico and the USA play against each other regularly, with matches occurring in various tournaments like the Gold Cup, World Cup qualifiers, and friendly matches.

3. Who Has The Most Wins In The Mexico Vs. Usa Rivalry?

Historically, Mexico has had more wins in the rivalry, but the USA has closed the gap significantly in recent years.

4. What Is The Significance Of The Mexico Vs. Usa Rivalry?

The rivalry is significant as it represents the competitive spirit of CONCACAF, highlighting the footballing prowess and cultural pride of both nations.

5. How Has The Mexico Vs. Usa Rivalry Evolved Over The Years?

The rivalry has evolved from being one-sided in favor of Mexico to a more balanced competition, with both teams improving their squads and strategies over the years.

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