4 Equipment Essentials for Rugby Practice

August 27, 2019 James A. Newton 0

Rugby is different from other sports. It is an aggressive game that requires specialized equipment for practice. It is a full-contact sport where players can expect to sustain severe injuries. Besides protective gear that is used for the game, players must use the right rugby equipment and kit to enjoy the game. Here are four essential equipment for rugby practice.

Gum Shield

Of course, we all need our teeth in place to retain that beautiful smile and eat well. But rugby is a sport where a player can end up with some teeth broken or lost. A kick went wrong or blow with the elbow can leave you toothless. That’s why it is crucial for rugby players always to have a gum shield anytime they walk into the pitch. Any gum shield can serve the purpose, but looking for the one that fits the shape of your gum and teeth. Gum shields are not mandatory on the field, but experts recommend rugby players always to have one. Go for a right fitting gum shield so that it does not come out of the mouth while tackling an opponent.


Rugby players playing for a team or club may have limited choices when it comes to buying in jerseys. The extent a player can go is purchase clothing for their training sessions. You can go with regular outdoor clothes for a non-contact training session, though. However, some clubs and teams require their players to always have the right rugby jerseys on the ground. Rugby clothes are not like regular outdoor garments. They are designed to withstand any physical torture and are more durable than outdoor clothes. Rugby clothes save players from ripping off. But players should invest in jerseys that can last long. Shop around and online to find the best store to buy sports jerseys.

Scrum Caps and Shoulder Pads

Amateur rugby players are discouraged from using scrum caps and shoulder pads during their first few training sessions. Instead, they should prioritize learning contact skills. These skills are useful in helping beginners build up their techniques and strengthen their muscles. Once a beginner becomes a little experienced and comfortable on the ground, then go for the right scrum caps and shoulder pads. They are designed to offer rugby players extra protection and cushioning.


The right rugby boots can help a player get a complete grip and protect their feet. The type of boot depends on the protection that a player needs, change in direction, and the leg movement. Playing with the wrong boots can cause more injuries than anticipated. Rugby players should always have boots that are specialized for the sport when they are on the field.

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