The Top Burgers from Around the Country

When you think about a hamburger, you probably think about a beef patty on a bun with basic toppings that include lettuce, a tomato and condiments. While this is what the average burger consists of, there are other burgers across the country that are rather large in size and that have many more ingredients involved.

Hog And Hominy
This is a restaurant in Memphis where you can get a southern classic burger that has everything on it that you would think about getting in a location that is known for comfort food. One of the best burgers served here is more like a patty melt. It has several onions on top and is known for the slaw that is piled on that has been soaked in pickle juice with salt added.

Mission Burger
If you’re ever in San Francisco, then stop at the Mission Bowling Club to get the Mission Burger. The thick and juicy patties are seared in beef fat, making them even more delectable than if they were grilled or fried in a traditional manner. Caramelized onions and a large amount of Monterrey Jack cheese is on the burger. The buns are lightly toasted, giving a light crunch to the bread.

The Company Burger
While you’re in New Orleans, stop by this restaurant to get a taste of one of the best burgers in the southern part of the country. It looks like a burger that you might make at home. However, the flavors are a bit more on the elegant side than the typical beef patty. There are two patties on the burger along with pickle slices, American cheese and red onions. The pickles are made in the restaurant. The juice from the burgers gently softness the bun. It’s a burger that is rather large and is best enjoyed with a fork and knife instead of being picked up by the hands.

Brindle Room
You can’t forger the northern area of the country when it comes to burgers. The burgers in New York are more like what you might expect from a steakhouse. The patty that is used on the Steakhouse Burger is a 21-day dry-aged beef. This locks in more of the flavor of the meat. Each burger is seared in a cast-iron skillet. Caramelized onions are added on top of the burger along with a bit of steak sauce. There is also a healthy amount of American cheese on the burger.

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