How to Properly Store You Warehouse Tools

Your warehouse is an important part of your business. A properly run warehouse can keep costs down and ensure that your employees and your inventory are safe. Here are 5 proven ways you can properly store your warehouse tools to ensure the proper operation of this critical part of your business.

1). Organize Your Warehouse Layout
The single biggest factor in a well-run warehouse is the layout of the space. You will want to make sure that everything else is in the right place before you can even think about tool storage. For instance, your receiving area should be closest to the dock. Behind receiving is storage. Next, to storage have your packing area. Then at the front of the warehouse, keep your shipping area next to your receiving area. Leave your warehouse office at the rear.

2). Install Warehouse Racks and Shelves
In order to store your tools, you will want to have the proper racking and shelving in place. You should measure out your tools before you purchase your racking and shelving. Then make an inventory of all of your tools to ensure that you can store everything in the smallest space possible.

3). Label all of Your Tools
Make sure you have some sort of label on all of your tools. It will be even better if you can add a tracking label that can be scanned. This will prevent tools from getting lost and stolen. Research the best labeling system to see what will be best for your warehouse needs.

4). Train Your Warehouse Team On Storing Tools
You can have the best warehouse tracking and storage system in the world. However, that system will be useless if your warehouse team does not know how to quickly pick, return and store your warehouse tool. Implement a training program and provide easy to understand instructions on how to manage and store warehouse tools.

5). Inventory Tools On A Regular Basis
Have a system in place where you inventory your tools every week. This will ensure that your tools don’t get lost when you need them the most. If you have a computerized tracking and labeling system, then running inventory on your tools will be much easier on your team.

A well-run warehouse must have their tools organized and inventoried. Implement one or more of the steps above to improve the storage of your warehouse tools. By keeping these tools well organized you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in overall operational cost.

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