How to Choose the Right Cigar for any Situation

There are a lot of different cigars out there. They vary in taste, style, appearance, and smell. Many of them can be delightful under almost any circumstances, but the best experience always comes from matching the cigar with the situation. That is much easier than it first appears, since there are a few traits that you can use to help make the decision.

Cultural Heritage

Many cultures, especially those in the Americas, have their own traditional cigar styles. Those are always a good choice for events that are meant to celebrate those cultures. If you are hosting an event with plenty of attendees from a single cultural background, it can also be wise to provide cigars from their native style.

It is important to be careful when using this technique. If you choose a style that is famous but not terribly popular in its area of origin, your knowledge may come across as shallow. On the other hand, you can come across as gracious and accommodating for your guests if you do your research and get everything right. It will take some effort, but it is often worth it if you intend to provide cigars at an event.


Most occasions have a distinctive tone. Some of them are formal affairs, while others are casual events. Cigars are the same way. Some cigars are appropriate for formal occasions, while others are better for casual enjoyment. Most people find that it is is best to match events with cigars that fit their feeling.

Casual events call for small, light cigars or cigarillos. Fancy brands will usually seem out of place at that kind of event, and the band should be minimally decorated. Formal events are the opposite, and benefit from premium cigars that can be slowly savored.


The importance of flavor depends on if you are picking cigars to share with a group or simply one to smoke on your own. If you are not sharing, then you should simply pick a flavor that you enjoy. If you are providing cigars for multiple people, the choice is slightly more complicated.

It is always important to keep the preferences of others in mind when providing cigars. If you know what those preferences are, you should try to bring whichever cigars that you know they enjoy. If you have to guess, it is normally best to err on the side of a mild flavor. Most people who enjoy strong cigars will also enjoy mild ones, but the reverse is not always true, so that maximizes the odds of getting something that most people will appreciate. If you are providing them for a large group, consider getting a mix of flavors so that you can accommodate more preferences.

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