Everything You Need to Know About Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facials

Your blood is an incredible asset to your body, especially beyond its red blood cells. Plasma contains a large supply of growth factors that influence wound healing and collagen synthesis. When we separate the plasma from the red blood cells and use it to improve our complexion, it is called platelet-rich plasma or PRP facials. The treatment has skyrocketed in popularity and for good reason.

PRP facials first came into vogue after celebrities began showing off their complexions on social media. The treatment consists of two simple steps. First, a very small amount of blood is drawn from your arm and placed into a centrifuge. The machine spins at high speed and isolates the plasma from your red blood cells.

During step two, your clean face is prepped for the procedure, and a light numbing agent is applied to your face. Then, a unique beauty tool called a microneedling device is used to make tiny punctures or wounds in the skin. The handheld tool features many very small needles attached at varying lengths to create channels in the skin.

The needling is performed to alert your skin to begin stimulating fresh collagen. Collagen is a protein that adds a strong foundation to the skin.

Now, it’s time for the PRP to coat the areas of your face being treated. This phase is performed by a skilled aesthetic technician who will use the microneedling device to infuse the PRP back into the skin. This is the bloody part of the treatment that has become famous and earned it the “Vampire Facial” name.

The beauty of a PRP facial is in its uniqueness and minimal if any downtime. Since you are using your own blood, the procedure is very safe, and an allergic reaction would not become an issue. Nothing synthetic is used, and it’s about as natural as you can get.

Following the treatment, you will experience some light redness and tightness to your complexion. Your skin is now regenerating itself with new tissue. Your skin will plump and thicken as your cells get busy wound healing.

In the days to follow, you’ll notice a complexion with improved texture, tone and color. Your face will feel smoother to the touch.

Hollywood stars of all ages are obsessed with PRP facials, and young model HaileyBaldwin has included the trendy treatment in her beauty arsenal.

She’s now 22-years-old and sees the significance of facials using platelet-rich plasma.

“I’ve found that they maintain my skin really well.”

It’s never too early or too late to achieve gorgeous skin. PRP facials are customized skin care. PRP is an all-natural and personal way to rejuvenate the complexion and maintain its youthfulness.

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