7 Inspiring Ways a Wireless Printer will Improve your Business

Mobile and wireless technology has transformed the modern workplace — with wireless printers, you can extend that convenience to your company’s print station. These wire-free devices can save time, increase convenience and revolutionize the way you produce documents.

1. Easier Networking
Setting up a traditional wired printer requires a variety of cables. With a wireless printer, there’s no need to set up physical connections to switches, computers and other connected devices. Instead, you can simply connect the printer to your Wi-Fi network for instant access. Setup is faster, easier and cheaper — and if you need to expand in the future, you can do so wire-free.

2. Reduced Clutter
Because wireless printers require fewer cables and cords, they automatically reduce office clutter. Don’t worry about long Ethernet cables or cords that run to your modem; with a wireless printer, all you need is a power cord. As a result, your print station has a cleaner, more professional look. Fewer cables also reduce trip hazards in the workplace.

3. Convenient Printing
For a fast-paced business, convenience is one of the biggest advantages of wireless printers. Traditional printers require you to log into a computer to print a document. Most wireless models feature associated apps, so you can print from mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. Fast, on-the-go printing makes life easier for your busy employees.

4. Cloud Access
If your business operates on cloud-based technology, a wireless printer is a useful investment. Print documents right from the cloud, without downloading them to a printer-connected computer.

5. Wider User Base
A standard wired printer must be physically wired to your printer or print server. A wireless printer, on the other hand, allows access for anyone on your company’s Wi-Fi network. Adding users is as easy as providing your wireless password, so you can offer printing services to visitors and clients without extra work.

6. Flexible Location
Since a wireless printer doesn’t require a physical connection to the transmitting device, you can place it almost anywhere. The printer allows complete freedom of design for your workspace, as long as it is situated within the umbrella of your Wi-Fi network. Set up the printer in anywhere you have space — no reorganization required.

7. Increased Efficiency
Wireless printers can make your operations more efficient and cost-effective. Everyone in the office can access the printer from any device, so you can use a single machine for the whole company. Fewer printers lead to lower energy usage, reduced utility bills and easier maintenance. Your office manager will also thank you for streamlining the restocking process.

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