7 Advantages of Owning a YETI Cooler

Outdoor adventures require icy drinks, safely chilled food, and the peace of mind of knowing that your cold things will stay cold. Designed for even the most rugged outdoor applications, YETI coolers will do all this and more.
1. YETI coolers have extra-thick walls. These maintain the chilly temperature of the cooler interior. YETI Tundras have up to two inches of insulation. And, it’s not just any old insulation but a commercial-grade polyurethane foam that is pressure injected. YETI Hoppers have up to 1.5 inches of insulation.
2. Tundra models come in 12 sizes, plus there is a matching mini version called the Roadie. Therefore, there is a Tundra that’s the right size for absolutely any adventure. The largest holds 82.4 gallons and is suitable for commercial use and hunting expeditions.
3. The Hopper models are built for life on the go. These soft-sided coolers have many of the same features as the Tundra models. They’re leakproof and, thanks to closed-cell rubber foam insulation, keep food plenty cold. Unlike the Tundras, however, the Hoppers are soft-sided and easily portable. They’re just right for grabbing and going.
4. YETI Coolers are leak-proof. The Hoppers have waterproof Hydrolok zippers and a Dryhide outer that is both waterproof and puncture-resistant. The Tundras are made of durable material, feature an interlocking lid design, and have a secure drain that won’t let water out until you are ready for it to do so. Once you do want to empty the cooler, however, the Vortex drain will do the job quickly and easily.
5. YETI Coolers keep things cold longer than standard coolers on the market. In a three-day test run by “Don’t Waste Your Money,” a YETI cooler kept soda drinkable for three days, but in the standard cooler, the ice had melted, and the drinks were warm.
6. Tundras are meant to withstand just about anything. Coolers are rarely treated with kid gloves, and with YETI brand coolers, that’s okay. YETI designers incorporated white water kayak technology into their Tundra coolers to make them ultra-durable. The coolers feature single-piece construction, and they are manufactured through a process of rotational molding. Plus, the Tundras use YETI’s Neverfail Hinge System. Like the name implies, these hinges are designed to never break.
7. These coolers are easy to carry. With several handle options, there is always a good way to pick one up. Tundra models have Lipgrip handles near the top. They also have Doublehaul rope handles on the side, and this is not just any rope but a military-grade one. Hopper models have easy carrying straps that you can throw over your shoulder. For durability, the carrying straps are double-stitched.

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