6 Unique Wooden Gift Ideas Your Husband Will Love

Trying to find a great gift for our great guy can be trying sometimes as we rattle our brain trying to think of a fresh idea. The common question becomes what would he love that we haven’t gotten him, yet? Well, newer, more unique gifts are becoming more widely available in wood, the markings each one-of-a-kind and gorgeously natural. Here are 6 of the unique gifts that can be found on the market for the special men in our life:

1. Oak Bottle Original Master Infuser

Huffington Post mentions this particular gift in their article Here Are The Gifts That Men REALLY Want For The Holiday. The article talks about how the product is designed to quicken the aging process of the liquor, which brings a deeper, smokier taste to his drink.

2. Stave Puzzle

Another previously mentioned product, the Stave Puzzle is made from wood instead of cardboard and can be personalized for any puzzle enthusiast. Forbes wrote an article, World-Class Wooden Puzzles Make Unique Custom Gifts, which discusses the custom, hand-made puzzles in further detail.

3. Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

This is the wooden barrel for curing liquor and can be found in a kit that comes with both instruction on how to do so and cleaning solution. He can mix and taste his own drinks as well as use it for gatherings.

4. Wooden Watch

Found at many outlets, a wooden watch is lightweight, unique, and covered in the natural rings of the tree. There are endless options for finding or designing a wooden watch, and he will be able to use it daily.

5. Cannonball Gourd Thumb Piano

More of a show item than an everyday item, this is a unique instrument that can be plucked and played easily. It can be found in many designs as well as different locations on the web, and can be used as a cool party trick or be displayed on a shelf.

6. Tree Ring Pen

Especially good for writers and pen collectors, each pen is unique and made from the rings of real trees. Each ring pattern is different, and these pens can be found in extreme high quality as well as more affordable, still beautiful options.

When looking for the perfect gift, it’s great to think outside the box, and any of these always unique items or any of the endless options that can be found will make a beautiful and personal gift for your loved ones.

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