6 Tips for Moving After Retirement

Moving Tip 1: Think About How Much Space Is In Your New Home

Most retirees move to smaller homes to save money on utilities or to have less yard work. Additional reasons for moving to a smaller home are making it easier to perform household chores such as vacuuming carpets and mopping floors. If you have lived in a spacious home for many years, then you need to consider what you can move to a smaller apartment or condominium. Measure your small retirement home to understand what you can move from your older home.

Moving Tip 2: Get Rid Of Possessions Before Moving Day

Don’t wait until moving day to sort through your possessions because the process requires a lot of time. You may not want to move certain furniture such as large dining room tables or huge sofas, so you can plan to sell these items with a newspaper advertisement. Alternatively, you may want to give family heirlooms to your grown children.

Moving Tip 3: Have a Yard Sale Before Moving

Rather than moving old clothing and household goods, have a yard sale to get rid of these items. Not only will you make extra cash from these items, but also, you will make the moving process easier. You may have numerous things that you haven’t used in many years, so by selling these things you can have a new home that is easier to organize.

Moving Tip 4: Sort Your Possessions Into Containers

By sorting your possessions into cardboard boxes or plastic totes, you will feel less stress on moving day. Place all of your winter garments into a plastic tote, and label it to understand what is inside it. Store your valuable mementos in a cardboard box so that you can place it in a closet when you arrive at your new home.

Moving Tip 5: Plan To Donate Items To Charitable Organizations

If you want to help someone else while you are moving, then plan to donate items to charitable organizations. When you are moving to another state, you won’t want to pack canned food, but you can give these items to a food bank. If you are moving to a geographic zone that has a warmer climate, then plan to donate your winter garments to an organization that helps the homeless.

Moving Tip 6: Pack a Container For the First Day

Make sure to pack a container for the first day in your new home. Some of the things needed on your first day will include glassware, eating utensils, dishes, towels and bathroom tissue. To make your moving process more comfortable, think carefully about what you will need on the first day.

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