6 Advantages of In-Home Healthcare

In-home healthcare is a cost-effective decision to make. This is not to say a doctor’s orders and care is not needed, it most certainly is needed to begin the care to start in-home care treatment and services. The good news is there are six advantages of in-home healthcare to consider.

First, for those receiving Medicare, it may be the least expensive option according to the Medicare website. The average hospital stay can run about $30,000 while elderly care; depending on assisted needs can run from $17,000 per year to $45,000. In home health care workers make about $14/hr. but the costs of care can be around $3,000 per month which is still less than $45,000 per year in comparison.

Studies have also shown that people recover faster at home. The reason being that you are in a familiar space with familiar faces surrounding you. Anxiety and nerves are considerably less and all the while you have an experienced professional in your home to attend to your health needs.

The third important advantage is personalized one on one care. In hospitals, staff may change, some are robotic in their care and at times there can be too many doctors just to tend to one patient. In-home healthcare makes sure that there is one capable medical worker for that individual, thereby fostering more trust and gaining familiarity and peace.

Another point to add is the advantage of even more personal care. Some home aid agencies have staff who are not truly “medically trained” but can cook for their patients, monitor their eating, assist with bathing and help with general home care. However for those needing special medical attention requiring expertise, having an in-home healthcare nurse (preferably one who is a registered nurse) is by far more beneficial.

Freedom and independence. “For many Americans, their home is their castle,” as, stated by Precision Healthcare. In a hospital setting, that freedom is very limited. Again, home is more familiar and may foster rapid healing.

Finally, the last advantage of in home healthcare is that it keeps families together. Hospitals have strict visitation hours and sometimes the location can be out of reach for most friends and family members. However with in home care, those closest to you can visit with no worry and you can set your own visitation schedule or a plan you work out with your nurse, this goes back to the familiarity and peace that can only come freedom and peace in your own home.

Granted there are many more good reasons to choose in-home healthcare, but the obvious reasons include affordability, peace of mind and importance of family. Those are big wins at any cost.

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