5 Things to Know Before Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Now that you are engaged, it is time to start looking for that picture perfect dress. Given the fact that your gown will be the center attraction, you should plan carefully. To make this quest easier, here are five things to know before you begin shopping.

Set a Budget

Take the time to set a budget before purchasing anything for the wedding, including your gown. Research the costs then get together with your soon-to-be spouse to work out a budget that is manageable. In the budget determine how many guests there will be, the cost of the wedding cake, the photographer, food and drinks, and other supplies. Once you have an idea sit down with both of your parents together and discuss your budget plan with them. Believe it or not, they can help! In fact, they may even pay for the wedding dress, the bridal dresses, or rent the tuxes, so you don’t have to.

Plan Ahead

Many bridal shops have shoes and undergarments available, but why not come prepared. Bring your nude strapless bra, seamless underwear, and high heels to your fitting. In fact, this will help you have a better view of what your dress will look like on that special day. Think about doing your hair this will help you to determine if you want the back of your dress to be reveling or not. Finally, bring your accessories with you to get the whole picture.

Take the Time to Research

Before scheduling a fitting at a bridal shop, take a good look at the wedding styles that they offer. Is this the style you want? To help you decide, take a look at wedding magazines and bridal websites to determine the style you are considering. A thought to remember, some bridal dresses look different when looking at them on a hanger or picture. When in reality it may look drop dead gorgeous on you.

Decide on Your Wedding Colors

Is it a summer wedding or a winter wedding? The colors of your wedding will fluctuate depending on the season. Are you planning on wearing white or does a white wedding dress go against your cultures beliefs? Deciding on your wedding colors will help the entire wedding party stay within your magical wedding design that you have in mind. For a summer wedding, you may want to go with pastels, but for a winter wedding, a darker color would be ideal. What colors will you choose?

Book an Appointment

Now that you have done some research it is time to book your appointment. Not only will this save you a lot of time and aggravation, but you will also receive undivided attention from the sales associate. Usually, a fitting is for an hour time span. If you feel that an hour is not an adequate amount of time, request more time when you call to schedule.

If you take a few moments before shopping for your wedding dress to do these simple steps, you will have a fabulous start ahead of you. Good luck with your new life adventure.

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