5 Reasons Tile is a Great Flooring Alternative

Whether you are building a new house or remodeling your existing home, selecting a floor material is an important decision. It needs to be beautiful enough to fit your vision, and unless you plan to remodel every few years, a practical long-term fit for the installation location. Tile is a great choice for many projects, whether you decide to install it yourself or hire a professional. Here are five reasons why it is one of the oldest flooring types as well as being a popular modern material:

1. Historical Accuracy
Although not very many of us have homes designed after the ancient Egyptians, the use of tile can be found in many design styles throughout history. Different eras and localities of design have their hallmark materials, and if it is an authentic look you are going for, it is worth doing the research to find which type and color of tile will be accurate.

2. Durability
Whether you are interested in natural stone or man-made tile, this material is a great alternative for different homeowner’s needs due to its durability. Tile will hold up well against playful pets and kids, hardworking heels (both muddy work boots and polished stilettos), and daily life actions such as pushing and pulling furniture and appliances.

3. Water Resistance
Is there any location in the home that is not exposed to liquids at some point? While we usually think of spilling drinks or sauces in the kitchen or splashing about in the bath, tile and its water-resistance are a great choice in any room of the house. Doorways are subject to water being trekked inside on our footwear, and a storm can blow rain in through any forgotten open window.

4. Works with Radiant Heat
Many modern flooring products can work with radiant heat, but none so well as traditional tile. Once warmed, the slab continues to radiate coziness through your feet and into the room. Not only is this a delicious luxury, but having radiant heat instead of baseboards or registers has the added bonus of being easier to keep everything clean.

5. Adds Value
If you are concerned about the resale of your home, tile is a great investment. It boosts your property’s value and creates interest amongst house hunters. Also, a well-installed tile will not need to be repaired or redone as frequently as some other materials, which keeps your maintenance costs lower over time.

While thinking about how you want your new floor material to look and perform, consider how tile can meet most needs beautifully and for the long term. It may take a bit more prep and thoughtfulness while selecting and installing, but the wonderful results will last you a lifetime.

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