5 Promotional Items to Use for Marketing Purposes

Promotional items can help your business earn some free advertising. These items can make your customers’ lives more convenient while showcasing your business in a positive light. These five promotional items are among the best for boosting a company’s profile.

Water Bottles

Water bottles that feature the name and logo of your business can be great for advertising. Promotional water bottles can be taken to gyms, parks and cycling trails where they can be seen by many people. Your promotional water bottles may spark the curiosity of other people who might want to learn more about your company.


T-shirts that feature the name and logo of a given company have long been used as promotional tools. Distributing free T-shirts at trade shows or while you’re out in public is easy. It’s a good idea to offer men’s and women’s T-shirts in different sizes as well as shirts for children if your business is kid-friendly.

Shopping Bags

Now is the perfect time to distribute promotional reusable shopping bags since many stores are charging customers for disposable bags. You can do your part to help the environment and promote your business at the same time by giving away bags that are made from eco-friendly materials. Along with carrying groceries, these bags can be used to carry gym clothes, books and other items in different settings where more people can see your brand on display.

Writing Instruments

Whether you choose to distribute pens or pencils, promotional writing instruments can help your company get more positive attention. Pens and pencils are easy to distribute and generally inexpensive to mass produce. They can be used for personal use or could end up being used in other business settings where other staff members or customers can learn about your business by simply looking at your promotional writing instruments.


Sunglasses that feature your company’s name written on the stems can be given to people to where on sunny days. Wearing these sunglasses to the beach or while having a picnic at a park or campground will be a great way to advertise your business with no extra effort on your part. These sunglasses may also be worn by marathon runners or other people who engage in mass sporting events where potential new customers could be present.

Promotional items offer some of the easiest ways to get your business noticed. With all of the options that are available, you should have no trouble choosing the right promotional items for your company. Along with strengthening relationships with your existing customers, your promotional items may be effective in attracting a new clientele.

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