5 Lessons every Manager Should Implement at Work

No one ever said that being a manager was easy, but making sure that your operation is a well-oiled machine certainly makes it a lot easier. In any business, success will come down to a great vision, employee performance and cohesiveness. When a great manager wants to set everything into motion, he or she will dispense great wisdom to employees—and lead by example.

1. The Golden Rule
Although it may sound simplistic, making sure that employees get along is an integral part of leading any group. Carefully monitor the group dynamic and make sure that no one is being left out or having their accomplishments diminished by another employee. Looking out for workers also means becoming actively involved when a direct report seems chronically stressed out. In a world that can often be very overwhelming, an employee will value your kind and caring approach.

2. Efficiency
All employees should constantly be working to function as a well-oiled machine. Encourage workers to share their ideas about ways in which processes can be streamlined or eliminated in order to promote a more productive workplace.

3. Tardiness is Unacceptable
Although everyone can run into life emergencies that will make them late from time to time, all employees should make a hard rule about being on time. After all, chronic lateness is a sign that you don’t value your position at work—and you don’t value the time of the people who work with you. Furthermore, if an employee is allowed to continue being late all the time, they may develop a terrible habit that will not serve them later in the career.

Your office may tolerate lateness, but many companies are cracking down on it now. This little habit may eventually snowball into a huge problem for them. By enforcing a no-lateness policy—with allowances for crises—you will be empowering your employees for the rest of their working lives. Of course, the manager must model this behavior by always being on time as well.

4. Everything You Do Online at the Office Can Be Seen
Employees should be taught to mind every single keystroke that they make. This means staying off social media websites and not clicking on anything that might be considered inappropriate. In a world where online behavior can define you, show up as a winner by exhibiting restraint.

5. Develop the Right Skills and Know When It’s Time to Move On
Employees should be encouraged to build upon skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives, even if it means that they will one day leave the department. When people begin to expand their horizons, everyone they work with will benefit from the lessons they learn. Whether it’s nabbing a certification or taking a special class, those who have a propensity for certain tasks should be applauded and admired. This is the kind of uplifting attitude that makes people want to come to work in the first place.

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