5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Camera

Are you searching for a camera but you aren’t sure of what to choose? With so many camera brands in the market providing numerous features, picking a camera can be difficult. Moreover, your budget requirements and personal preferences for performance and design may dictate what camera is more suitable than another. Since it is impossible to declare any camera brand as the best, there are some important things you must consider such as:


Know the image sensors


An image sensor captures light from the item you intend to shoot. There are different sensor sizes depending on the type of camera you are buying. For instance, hybrids have two main sensor sizes: APS-C and Micro Four Thirds. A small Micro Four Thirds sensor is ideal for portability although you may sacrifice the picture quality. The large APS-C sensor, on the other hand, adds bulk but will provide high-quality images and low-light shooting.


Do not be fooled by megapixels


Megapixels have been a tool most manufacturers use to market their cameras for years. Since it’s a quantifiable sum, buyers automatically think more megapixels are far much better than less. However, this is only true when you need the ability to print out something big. Simply put, more megapixel means larger prints, not better quality. To get a high-quality picture, you have to consider the sensor size, sensor quality, and image processing. So, if the photos you are taking won’t be printed larger than A3 or A4, you don’t necessarily require a camera with over 10 megapixels.


Check the connectivity


When you go to the market, you’ll notice most cameras come with wireless sharing and Wi-Fi connectivity options, and these are great features. Some cameras accomplish this when you download a particular application for your smart device. Moreover, some cameras make it easy to upload pictures to popular social media hubs like Facebook and Flickr straight from the camera. Because there are various ways to get pictures off a camera nowadays, ensure you check the connectivity functions a camera has.


Manual controls


Both hobbyist and professional photographers understand the power of a manual camera setting option. This enables you to tweak the camera’s exposure, shutter speed, field depth and much more to acquire a perfect shot. Choose a camera that makes it easy to set the manual settings.


Storage space

It’s important to consider the storage space a camera offers especially when purchasing a camera with a high megapixel count (usually, more pixels mean large photos). So, know your storage needs before you opt for a certain camera lest you end up spending more trying to get additional space for every project you do.

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