4 Things You Should Know About E-Liquids

As vaping becomes more popular, especially with younger users, the trend raises some obvious questions. Is it safe? Is it as addicting as cigarettes? Are there specific things someone new to vaping should know before trying? Today, we hope to answer some of these questions by looking at the key component to vaping: e-liquids. Here are four things you should know.

PG vs. VG

PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are the two most prominent ingredients in e-liquid or vape juice. E-liquids made mostly with Propylene Glycol provide the throat hit most users who smoke associate with cigarettes, accompanied by thin clouds of vapor when exhaled.

Vegetable Glycerin provides a smoother draw with thicker clouds when exhaled. This is the preferred base for those who like sampling a wider variety of vape flavors.

Both PG and VG are FDA approved and are already used in countless food products. They are both completely safe to vape, making the only real concern between the two personal preference.

There is, however, a small segment of the population that is allergic to PG with the most common symptom being an excessive burning sensation in the throat. Hives and rashes, headaches, and chest pain can also result, none of which are life-threatening.

Variable Nicotine Levels

If your goal is to eliminate cigarettes with vape, the versatility of e-liquids can be effective in helping you quit. It is possible to gradually ramp down the nicotine content in e-liquid to ween yourself off nicotine for good.

Common nicotine levels in e-liquid are: between 0mg and 18mg and can be adjusted in 3-6mg intervals. E-liquid with a 12mg concentration most closely mimmic the sensation and effect of smoking cigarettes.


The biggest draw for vapers is the sheer number of choices in flavor that exist in e-liquids. Tobacco is a popular option, but so are sweeter, fruity flavors like cherry and mango. Some e-liquids even mimmic the flavors of things like pancakes and syrup, doughnuts, and chocolate mousse.

Premium vs. Off-Brand

Like with almost every other product, you get what you pay for with e-liquid. Premium liquids almost always offer a superior experience to economy, off-brand mixes. Established, trusted brands will deliver the best experience and are less likely to use cut-rate ingredients that could pose specific health risks.

Good quality premium e-liquids are typically tracked by batch numbers and are machine-calibrated to include consistent levels of all ingredients. These products will deliver a much more enjoyable vaping experience without leaving you guessing about nicotine, PG or VG levels.

Beyond these considerations, the experience of vaping is subject to the user. Some find they miss the classic feel and experience of smoking. Most who make the switch, however, enjoy the variety of flavors and the decreased cost associated with vaping over smoking.

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