3 Anabolic Supplements That Improve Workout Endurance

Endurance workouts put extreme demands on the body of athletes—from physical, energy, and mental perspectives. As if the time you require to train isn’t enough, add in the time you require to prepare and eat nutrient-packed meals to replenish your energy and you will immediately realize that you’ve run out of your daily routine hours. With the right supplements, however, you can shave off some of your preparation time and boost your performance and recovery process. To this end, here are the top 3 anabolic supplements that you should consider for your workout endurance.


Glutamine is among the most readily available amino acids in the human body. However, intense workouts often drain glutamine at a rapid rate than the body can replenish, which in turn can regrettably cause the body to break its muscles, leaving it in a catabolic state. Besides, low glutamine levels can also interfere with your immune system, putting you at risk of infections.

Glutamine supplement boosts your immune system following an intensive workout and aids your recovery process. It achieves these by eliminating excess ammonia which often accumulate during intense workout, helping your body to regulate its acid-base balance.


Race pace, temp runs, and weight lifting aimed at boosting running economy are all aspects of intense workouts that will benefit from Beta-Alanine supplement. A variety of studies have linked the supplement with positive impact on endurance performance.

During high-intense workout sessions, the body accumulates a lot of hydrogen ions, which in turn contributes to lower pH and consequently fatigue. Being an amino acid derivative, Beta-Alanine increases intramuscular carnosine content, increasing the body’s potential to buffer hydrogen ions. As a result, your body’s performance will be improved, your training volume will increase, and the fatigue perceptions will be significantly reduced.

Creatine Monohydrate

This power-enhancing and muscle body supplement works by boosting the amount of creatine and phosphocreatine in your muscles, allowing your body to maintain energy during intense training exercises. Increased phosphocreatine levels can also boost your recovery after training or between training sets. Additionally, long term creatine monohydrate supplementation has also been proven to boost quality resistance training—up to 5-15% grater gains in performance and strength.

Bottom Line

The above highlighted endurance supplements are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes endurance supplements—there are hundreds of anabolic supplements that can, in one way or the other, help you with endurance. You only need to remember that increasing your endurance is a multifaceted process and depends on other factors including your diet, health history, sleep, and training regimen. Again, before you use any endurance supplement, endeavor to carry a meticulous background research on their ingredients so that you are sure about their effects. Alternatively, consult the right medical expert before you begin using the supplements.

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