5 Events You Should Have Cigars On Hand For

July 17, 2018 James A. Newton 0

Whether you are a cigar enthusiast that wants to share your passion or you are someone that was just gifted more cigars than they could possibly smoke on their own, you might be wondering what some appropriate occasions to pull out cigars for might be. Well, we are here to help. While by no means a definitive list (we think most events are a great time for a cigar), here are 5 events to get you going.

The Big Game

It’s game night. Your buddies are all coming over. Everything is good to go. Chips, beer, bbq…cigars? Yes, cigars. Absolutely. When your team makes that final score that puts things over the top for a tremendous victory, smoking cigars in the backyard is a fabulous way to cap off the night. If your team loses, it is also a great tool to stand around and wax philosophically on just how it all went wrong.

Poker Night

I don’t need to explain this one to you. It’s poker night. Make sure there are cigars. They are as integral to the game as a good bluff or being able to razz your pals without getting them too heated. End of discussion.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

If you have a friend getting married, there is probably going to be a bachelor or bachelorette party. One of the staples of such an evening are cigars. It’s really a no-brainer. If you are wondering what you should bring, offer to handle the cigars, utilize a helpful guide on what kind to pick for the night, and kick-back (saving all that energy for the party).

A Birth

Everyone knows about the long-held tradition of handing out cigars when a new baby is born. It appears though, according to some sources
, that this practice has lost some steam in recent years. Well, we say “no way”! If a little one is on the way, be sure to pick up a box or two to hand out to friends and family. You can even custom order to have some delivered with pink or blue labels once you know the new addition’s sex. Let’s keep this old-time tradition alive. Cigars for everyone!

A Long Walk With A Friend/Lover

Sometimes having a cigar available for just a walk around the neighborhood with a cherished friend or lover is all the reason you need to have a small stock at the ready. What may have started as a leisurely non-event of a stroll, suddenly becomes something grand and poignant–the kind of thing memories are made of.

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