6 Reasons to Vape Your Marijuana

January 15, 2018 James A. Newton 0

Smoking has long been the preferred method for consuming marijuana. Whether rolled into a cigarette or placed in a pipe, it’s a quick and easy process that allows users to enjoy the benefits of this versatile plant. In recent years, however, many users have switched to vaping their marijuana. So, what’s the deal with vaping, and why is it becoming the new norm?

#1) No Harmful Byproduct of Combustion

As explained by Huffington Post, vaping marijuana doesn’t expose users to the same combustion byproducts as burning. When you burn it, new chemicals and fumes are created, some of which can negatively affect your respiratory system. Vaping, however, eliminates this problem by heating marijuana just enough to release its active compounds.

#2) Efficiency

Vaping is also a more efficient way to consume marijuana. Whether it’s a sativa, indica or hybrid, all strains of marijuana release their active compounds at roughly 285 degrees Fahrenheit. The tip of a lit match or lighter is significantly hotter, causing the active compounds to burn. According to Wikipedia, up to 30 percent of THC in marijuana is destroyed from burning. By vaping marijuana, you’ll reduce waste and get more benefit out of your herb.

#3) No Fire Required

Of course, vaping also eliminates the need for a match or lighter. As every smoker knows, it’s frustrating when you lose your lighter. You may spend half an hour turning up sofa cushions and checking your pockets to no avail. Vaporizers, however, use an electric heating element to activate marijuana, so you don’t have to keep up with a lighter.

#4) No Secondhand Smoke

Since they don’t produce smoke, vaporizers don’t pose a risk to other people around you. You can enjoy marijuana without worrying about secondhand smoke polluting the air. The mist-like cloud of vapor dissipates in seconds, leaving behind no noxious smog or bad odors.

#5) Reuse Vaped Herb

A lesser-known benefit of vaping is the simple fact that you can reuse your herb. After vaping, marijuana typically turns to a brownish color with lower levels of THC and other active compounds. Some users, however, keep this herb for use in edibles. Simmering the vaped herb in butter, for instance, creates ganja butter that can be used in virtually any food or dish requiring butter.

#6) Wide Selection of Vaporizers

Finally, vaporizers are available in dozens of different types and styles. Some use conducting to heat the herb whereas others use convection technology. Some vaporizers also plug into the wall whereas others are powered by batteries.

These are just a few reasons to vape your marijuana. After making the switch, you’ll probably discover other benefits to vaping as well.

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