The Most Popular Vaping Flavors of 2018

Vaping is a popular activity among many ages. It’s something that many people do when they are trying to quit smoking. Although there’s nothing wrong in getting a plain flavor for vaping, there are a few fun flavors that have been popular in 2018.

Fruity Selections 
Many of the vaping flavors that you’ll see have some kind of fruit involved. Murica is a popular vaping flavor that features a red, white, and blue theme using cherries, blue raspberries, and lemon-lime. There are also fruit punch flavors that combine everything from pineapple and orange to strawberries and blueberries.

Another way that fruit flavors have been added to vaping liquids is to combine them with sweet treats. Blueberry cheesecake is a popular flavor as well as fruit cereal. Blueberry cheesecake has an almost creamy taste with hints of vanilla. You can smell the blueberries as soon as you exhale. Fruit cereal can be compared to eating a bowl of cereal with milk in the morning with the same flavors. You can pick up on the orange and the cherry more than the other fruits, but lemon-lime and blueberry are tasting notes as well. There are also a few fruit flavors that have been combined with ice cream, such as berries and cream.

Banana pudding is decadent and has just the right blend of vanilla and banana in the liquid. Another popular flavor that is combined with bananas is strawberry. Circus Bear is one of the top flavors because it’s refreshing and a good liquid to start with if you aren’t sure of what kind to try first.

Hints Of Spice 
If you like a little heat, then consider cinnamon. This is a top flavor that will awaken your senses. You could compare it to a stick of cinnamon gum. Mint offers the same rush of flavor as soon as you inhale. Spices are popular flavors of 2018 because they have a strong aroma that is pleasing to breathe in while you’re vaping.

A Little Fun 
Aside from traditional flavors and those that remind you of food that you can get in a store, there are a few fun combinations as well. Humble Crumble is a blend of a pastry, honey, and cream blended together. If you want to try something that is a little odd, then consider black pepper or crab legs. These might sound like they shouldn’t go into a vaping liquid, but they are among the most popular flavors of the year.

Whether you’re trying to stop smoking or you’re looking for something new to try that has more flavor than tobacco, then vaping is an option. You can get a liquid that is mild and fruity or something that has some kick. When you’re vaping, turn the heat setting up just a bit so that you can enjoy the true tastes and aromas of the liquids.

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