How To Transport Cigars When Traveling

The cigar industry has been growing across the last three decades with many people who have enjoyed the thrill of smoking a cigar wanting to do so wherever they are in the world. The problems you will face when you are hoping to take a trip somewhere in the world is the fact your cigars will face a large number of different conditions if you take a plane flight or a boat trip. You will need to make sure you declare your cigars to ensure you do not face issues with taxes when passing over national borders, according to The Stogie Guys.

Store your cigars carefully

The first step you need to take is to make sure your cigars are stored as carefully as possible in your hand luggage. Preparing to take your cigars on vacation or a business trip means making sure they are not going to be crushed in your luggage. Many companies have created specialist metal boxes designed to make sure your cigars stay in shape as you transport them in your bag. If you are not equipped with a metal container you can take the less expensive option of storing your cigars in a sealed Ziploc bag for protection.

Do not check your bag

You may think your best option is to check your bag into the hold when you are setting off any form of a trip to a different location. Checking your bag is not a good option because of the hold of an airplane facing a wide range of temperatures and pressures that can absorb the taste and moisture needed to keep your cigar in tip-top shape. One of the major issues facing the traveler with cigars is stopping them from drying out and cracking as you move into a new area of the world, according to the Grown Up Travel Guide. Although pressure changes could have a negative effect on your cigars when stored in hand luggage, the chances of a successful journey are higher than in the checked luggage hold.

Don’t worry about accessories

Some cigar experts go into great depth discussing how to travel with your best cigar cutter and lighter but in general, these will be available in most parts of the world. Most hotels will have access to lighters and matches with disposable cigar cutters now the norm almost everywhere.

When you are hoping to travel with your cigars it is best not to get too precious about the cigars you travel with as the risk f damage is high. Instead, you should take a few cigars on your trip and do a little research about where to buy cigars at your location. This will take a large amount of the worry out of adding a perfect smoke to your vacation or business trip.

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