How to Pick the Right Trophy for Your Occasion

Recognizing a team player is a great way to motivate them. It’s a leadership tool that’s been used for decades because it works. If you’ve been charged with finding the right trophy for any occasion, there are several factors that should be considered. Below is an overview of how you can make the process easy.

Aligning the Trophy with the Occasion

Trophies often become a prized possession of the recipient. Whether they are received as a way to say thank you or to recognize a big accomplishment, people genuinely appreciate the thought. When trying to make a decision about which trophy to select, consider the achievement and what would best reflect the occasion. For instance, there are often executive and sales awards shaped like a diamond as a symbolic way to represent stellar performance and growth. This is because diamonds are a symbol of wealth.

There are some trophies that are shaped uniquely to represent artistry. If you want to stick with a more traditional award design to acknowledge an employee’s tenure, you can choose a wooden plaque. However, you don’t have to follow any tradition when it comes to picking the right trophy, you can just make a decision based on what appeals to you and aligns with the achievement.

Selecting the Right Materials

A crystal trophy is something that’s appealing to many people because they are weightier than some other materials. They tend to feel substantial in the hands of the recipient, which is good because you don’t want it to feel cheap. One of the reasons why glass is a good choice is because of it’s reflective properties. In addition to looking great, it reflects light and looks amazing when engraved. Depending on your preference of woods, you can choose a natural grain, such as mahogany, that offers a more modern take on a traditional material.

Establishing Your Budget

When choosing a trophy, you’ll need to consider your budget, especially if you are establishing a precedent where others who reach the same milestone receives a trophy. Establishing a substantial budget is often worth the investment because it does in fact demonstrate an appreciation for the recipients, which is beneficial regardless of the occasion. If you prefer a specific design but can’t afford the cost of glass, you can choose a less expensive material, such as acrylic. Similarly, some wood trophies are less expensive than others.

If you follow the tips provided, you are well on your way to making the right choice. In a corporate setting, it’s been proven that trophies are linked to increased productivity. Even when that’s not the motivation for rewarding someone, it’s a great benefit.

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