4 Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Contacts

August 23, 2019 James A. Newton 0

Contact lenses are a good alternative for people who don’t want to wear glasses. Contacts allow people to have better vision and most contacts don’t require excessive care or hassle. However, if you don’t follow a few basic care instructions, your contacts can worsen your vision. Read on for further tips and advice.

4. Be Careful with Makeup
Though some may not realize it, when wearing contacts you must be careful with when and how you apply your makeup. Apply your eye makeup after you have already inserted your contact lenses. Remove your contacts before you wash off your makeup. Failing to follow this basic routine could cause your eyes to become irritated from makeup residue.

3. Avoid Wearing Contacts When Eyes are Irritated
If you have allergies or if grit or dirt gets into your eyes, it’s probably best to take out your contacts. Wearing contacts while eyes are irritated could increase your chances of getting an eye infection. Symptoms of an eye infection include pain, burning, itching, redness, swelling and sensitivity to light. Some infected eyes may produce excessive tears or a sticky substance in the eye. Poor vision and blurry vision can also be signs of irritation or infection. If you think your eyes are infected, contact your doctor. A physician can instruct you on what to do next.

2. Clean Your Lenses Carefully
Failure to clean lenses properly is a common mistake for those who wear contacts. To clean your contacts, use a cleaning solution recommended by your eye doctor. Before you handle the contacts, be sure to wash your hands with mild, perfume-free soap. Dry your hands on a cloth that contains as little lint as possible. Don’t apply lotion or hand cream to your hands before handling your contacts. Doing so could cause you to rub irritants onto your contacts and your eyes.

1. Change Your Contacts Regularly
Always change your contacts as often as your optometrist recommends. Keep in mind that some contacts can be worn longer than others. If necessary, ask your optometrist for a chart to help you keep track of the frequency with which you must change your lenses. Always take out your contacts before you go to bed, unless they are extended-wear lenses.

As previously stated, contacts are a popular alternative to eyeglasses. However in order for contacts to be effective, you must take proper care of them. Clean your contacts as recommended by your physician. Do not wear contacts if your eyes are irritated or infected. Failure to follow basic care instructions can lead to vision problems.

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