Anti-Aging Benefits of Cannabinol

Do you want to eliminate your wrinkles or to slow down the aging process? Wrinkles and fine lines start appearing earlier in some people than in others. Aging dims the eyes, dulls the ears, and shortens telomeres. Though aging is inevitable; it can be slowed down if you know the right remedy. Cannabinol (CBN) is a kind of cannabinoid which is a part of tetrahydrocannabinols (THCs) usually found in cannabis plants.


CBN is obtained from THC during oxidation and is normally found in the flowers of a fresh marijuana plant, though it’s scarce. Cannabinol shouldn’t be confused with cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis compound- cannabinoid-found in a cannabis plant that isn’t derived from THC.


How Cannabinol helps with aging


Although it was initially ignored, CBN is now recognized as a beneficial compound, thanks to its unique properties. This is the reason many scientists and researchers are focusing more on conducting scientific investigations. So far, CBN has been found to have various benefits like being an appetite stimulant, enhancing bone cell growth, helping with insomnia, pain relief and as an anti-convulsive, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial substance.


Science of aging


Some factors increase the aging process, and this is what makes some people age faster than others. For instance, too much stress may lead to the damage of DNA and the telomeres, meaning if you find a remedy for relaxing, you can reduce wrinkles. Psychosocial stress, often triggered by different social situations, contributes to anxiety and depression disorders, both of which speed up the general aging process. Severe psychological stress can also lead to cardiovascular diseases and even affect your memory function (it kills specific cells in the brain that help with memory).


So, how does CBN combat aging? Here are some features of CBN that fight the aging process.


CBN aids sleep


Tough we all need to sleep, some people have difficulties in sleeping, and this causes wrinkles, both deep and fine. CBN is an effective treatment for insomnia and helps you sleep fully at night. Insufficient sleep causes the accumulation of beta-amyloids in the brain which forms a thick plaque layer: this restricts blood flow. CBN facilitates a deeper and longer sleep which helps with skin regeneration.


CBN is a skin antioxidant and lowers inflammation

Our skin ages extrinsically and intrinsically. Intrinsic aging occurs over time, naturally. After the teenage years, the skin starts losing elasticity because the production of collagen reduces by 1% yearly. Due to this, the skin begins to sag. In contrast, extrinsic aging is environmental: pollution, smoking, UV rays and poor nutrition may also quicken the aging process. CBN has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that slow or prevent extrinsic aging hence reducing wrinkles development.

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