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We are a news organization delivering you the latest in current events and happenings from around the world. Instead of focusing specifically on one home base, we have contributors who share news, trends, and other information from their locations around the world, bringing an authentic and unbiased look at news directly to you. In an age where there’s a dearth of fake news available online, we’re proud to give you a perspective that is direct, easy to read, and most importantly, relevant.


We started off as a small blog, but have now expanded to a larger team with contributors in many cities around the world. We rely on our contributors to bring us the latest happenings in their cities. You know when you come to our blog that you are getting the most important and exciting news articles of the day. All of our contributors are experienced writers and bloggers who love providing quality content to our readers. Interested in becoming a contributor? Head over to our Write For Us page to find out how you can.


We encourage you to follow us on our social media pages for even more up to the minute news reports, as well as notifications about new content. We also post bonus content on our social media pages and interact with our readers. We would appreciate it if you could give our content a like or even share it with your friends if it’s helpful to you!


Finally, if you have questions or suggestions for us, please contact us via email or social media message. We love interacting with our readers and will get back to you quickly. We also occasionally post Q&A articles on our site, so please let us know if you would like your question to be featured.

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