A Comprehensive Checklist of Preventative Car Maintenance Tasks

Taking care of your car extends the life of the vehicle. More importantly, caring for a car helps keep you safe on the road. While we don’t always look at a car as a machine, it obviously is one. All those various parts require sufficient care or problems arise. You can extend their life and enhance their safety just by performing the following critical maintenance steps when necessary.

Change the Oil

Changing the oil on a car might be the most basic of all preventive maintenance steps. Yet, drivers do neglect to change the oil. Believe it or not, people have destroyed expensive new cars because they never changed the oil one time! Whether the change is due at 3,000 or 5,000 miles, bring the car to an oil change service. Driving on old oil doesn’t help your car’s engine.

Flush the Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid does not have to be changed at the same intervals as oil. 30,000 or 40,000 miles may need to pass before the transmission needs to be flushed. Unfortunately, some drivers believe they can keep the original transmission fluid far beyond the suggested change time. Tons of transmission systems end up being ruined because of this little oversight that’s not so little.

Care for the Tires

“Caring” for tires requires taking several steps to make sure they are safe on the road. Tires suffer significant wear due to both driving on the road and being exposed to the weather. The treads wear down and the rubber can experience dry rot. The inflation levels lower over time as well. So, rotating, inflating, and changing the tires all become things that must be done at different stages.

Upgrade the Brakes

You positively want to be sure that the brake system works properly or else the car won’t stop. Brake lines, calipers, rotors, and more must operate perfectly. It’s a good idea to get a visual brake inspection when changing the oil. Be sure the inspection is thorough. Ask for a road test and also request that the tires be removed for a complete inspection. Really, you don’t want any problems with the brakes.

Change the Timing Belt

timing belt replacement job can be expensive depending upon the type of car you drive. $700 isn’t out of the realm of possibility. So, some drivers choose to delay their timing belt change. This is a huge mistake. Depending on the vehicle’s engine design, the engine could be totaled if the timing belt snaps. Don’t dismiss this necessary job when due.

The Last Point

The mileage point in which maintenance work should be performed is listed in the car’s owner’s manual. Read the manual thoroughly to be sure you never miss a critical maintenance job.

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