7 Benefits of Having a Dehumidifier in Your Crawlspace

Is your crawl space damp? Do you have moisture on your walls or ceiling? Does it have that musty smell or have mold growing? Have you been looking for a way to clear up this problem? It is hard sometimes to know what to do to solve this issue. There are ways to take the moisture out of your crawl space by using a dehumidifier. Below are seven reasons why a dehumidifier would be a good choice.


  • Having a lot of humidity can increase allergens like dust mites. If you have someone in your home that has asthma, they will benefit by having a dehumidifier by decreasing the amount of allergens in your home.
  • A dehumidifier can even cut down on small insects in your home. Bugs like millipedes love moist conditions which give them the perfect conditions to move right in. A whole house dehumidifier can almost rid your house of these pesky critters.
  • Some things you own like books and clothes will last longer with a dehumidifier. With all the electronic we use in our daily lives these days will also benefit from a dehumidifier and keep them working longer.
  • Having a dehumidifier can keep your door jams from warping and your hinges from rusting out. Most heating and cooling vents are metal along with many other things. Anything metal will benefit from using one in your home.
  • To keep your family safe from the effects of mold and mildew is good for everyone’s health. Mold can be toxic at high levels so a good dehumidifier can take away the moisture that causes mold.
  • Excessive moisture can cause odors in your home that you do not want. It can cause a musty smell that you can’t seem to completely get rid of. A dehumidifier will take the dampness out so that the musty odors are eliminated and give you fresh clean air.
  • If you have pets in your home they can benefit from cleaner dryer air. Too much moisture in the air can affect your pets breathing just like it does yours, only they cannot tell you that it bothers them.

Having a humidifier can affect just about all aspects of your home life. Moisture in your home can make your home hotter in the summer and colder in the winter which is another side effect. Add this along with everything else and it gives you many good reasons to consider putting one in your home. Whether you decide on a whole house or just a room dehumidifier, you will notice a difference in the air in your home.

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