6 Ways to Tell If Truck Driving is the Right Job For You

For anyone considering a career in trucking, you need to ask yourself a few hard questions; you need to be honest with yourself, because trucking can be a hard life for anyone not suited to it. However, if trucking fits your personality, it could be a career you’ve always dreamed of.

Is Your Personality Suited to the Trucking Lifestyle?

If you want to be successful truck driving, you need to understand the hours are long, it requires a lot of self-discipline, and you’ll spend most of your time alone. That’s not an appealing lifestyle for most people.

However, if you have an independent and introverted personality, the solitary nature of trucking may be for you.

You also need to love a challenge and be unafraid of hard work. If you really enjoy sitting on the sofa, watching TV after a hard day at the office, trucking may not be for you.

You’ll Be Lonely Sometimes

You can call a tow-truck when you need help with a breakdown, and you can strike up a conversation with a truck stop waitress, but there won’t be anyone that really cares to encourage or comfort you when you’re feeling down.

Do You Crave Travel and Adventure?

If you really want to see the country, trucking may be for you. Every day will bring something new, and you need to be prepared to deal with it. That could be a mechanical problem, bad weather, or an incident on the road. From the glorious mountains and plains, to the inner cities, truckers will see and hear it all. You will see and cherish all those places and people yourself, with no filters.

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

Most people are used to jobs with a set schedule, and simply follow the rules of where to be and what to do. A job with structure is what most people know. However, most truck drivers are simply given a start date and a delivery date, with time in the middle that is solely their responsibility. Other than e-logs there is little direct responsibility.

You Need Superior Planning and Time Management Skills

Once they’ve picked up the load, a truck driver is on their own when it comes to the timing and planning it takes to get it delivered. From choosing the best routes, to understanding the obstacles that eat up your time, a truck driver needs a mindset of accountability and self-improvement.

You Need Good Situational Awareness

Truck driving can be dangerous; you’ll be out there all alone, with a truck full of valuable goods. If you’re the type of person who walks around with their head in the clouds, trucking may not be for you. A trucker must be constantly aware of their surroundings, and be prepared to defend themselves if need be.

If this lifestyle sounds good to you, then you may be a trucker at heart. While the trucking lifestyle is not for everyone, for those rare few, it’s not just a job, but a calling.

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