6 Tips for Planting New Grass Seeds in Your Yard

Growing a beautiful, lush green lawn is the aim of most homeowners who are hoping to make their home as stunning as possible. Across the world, the number of homeowners wanting to enjoy the beauty of a lawn is growing with many homeowners looking to find grass seeds that are the perfect choice for your area of the nation.

1. Start your preparations early

One of the main mistakes homeowners around the world makes when they are looking to grow a lush, green lawn is starting their preparations too late in the year. HuffPost reveals the best time of the year to begin preparing your lawn is in the spring when the dead grass can be removed as you prepare for the planting season later in the year.

2. Choose the right grass seed for your area

This Old House reports the initial problem for homeowners is looking to sow the wrong type of grass seed. Each area of the U.S. is given a zone that will provide details of which seed to plant in a specific area for the best results.

3. Purchase high-quality grass seed

The issue of which grass seed to use is a major problem for many homeowners but the use of low-quality or aging seed is as much of a problem. New forms of grass seed are being developed each year with the latest options filled with new technologies such as drought-resistance and disease control. A cheaper seed is usually outdated or older varieties that are difficult to grow successfully.

4. Prepare the soil

Preparing the soil in the correct way is the first step to take which means moving the top two to three inches of dirt. Once this dirt os loosened all major debris, such as sticks and rocks should be removed with the major differences in the height of soil flattened to avoid the water pooling.

5. Do not bury grass seed deeply

Grass seed should be spread evenly with around 16 seeds per square inch for the most effective use of the seed. Once spread, the seed should be lightly covered with around 1/4 inch of dirt raked lightly across the seeded surface.

6. Water often

The most important aspect of developing your grass seed throughout its life is to make sure you water the seed on a regular basis. Making sure your grass seed is not flooded with water is of great importance, just as the watering of seed at least once per day is as important as limiting water pooling.

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