6 Things to Know Before Your First Surfing Lesson

Surfing is truly one of the most incredible sports out there. It is not only an amazing workout but is also a whole lot of fun. If you’re ready to cross that item off your bucket list and take your first ride out on the waves, it’s helpful to know a few things first!

1. Choose the Right Board and Wetsuit
In deciding which board to use, you need to choose the right style and size (length, width, and volume) so you can stay afloat. As a newbie, you’ll most likely want to use a larger board (~8 feet) with a lot of volume. You should also consider if you need a wetsuit – and the thickness you’ll need depending on the water temperature.

2. Know How to Swim
It’s essential that you are confident in your swimming abilities before you consider surfing. Surfing is a physically demanding sport – and you need to be able to swim for a long period of time in the rough ocean currents. Surprisingly, the majority of your time in the water is actually spent paddling rather than standing on the board.

3. Be Aware of Ocean Safety
It’s important to always be aware of weather conditions and rip currents – and know the right procedures for when you do get caught in them. You can find more tips on avoiding and staying safe in rip currents here. Remember, the ocean is an amazing place but it is incredibly powerful – and can be dangerous if you are not prepared!

4. Don’t Go Alone
For your first time surfing, it’s a good idea to go out there with someone else – preferably someone with strong swimming abilities or someone who was surfed before. It’s also a good idea to surf somewhere where there are lifeguards in case of any accident. Plus, it’s way more fun to go with a friend – so you can keep each other’s spirits up!

5. Learn How to Fall
Surfing is not an easy sport and takes a lot of practice and patience, especially when first starting out. It’s important to have an optimistic attitude and be resilient! With surfing, it’s not a matter of if you fall, but when. Therefore, you need to know how to fall correctly to avoid getting hurt. Read about some more tips on staying safe here!

6. Enjoy the ride
Last but certainly not least, make sure you enjoy yourself out there! Through all the struggles, surfing is a very fun and rewarding sport! Once you start to learn the techniques and get more comfortable, you’ll see for yourself how amazing and addicting surfing can be!

Remember to keep an open mind, stay motivated, and enjoy the ride!

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