6 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Windows

If you have been experiencing a lot of draft or have a crack in your windows – it may be time to replace them. The average life span for windows is 15 to 20 years. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for new windows:

Here are some things to keep in mind in regards to shopping for new windows:

1. New windows give a fresh and attractive look to the home and enhance the home’s property value. Think about the style that will look good with your home.

2. There are many types, sizes, shapes, prices, and materials that go into today’s replacement windows. The ventilation they offer, how the windows operate, and how they are hinged also matter. A double-hung window slides up and down while a casement window swings in and out. Other types are single-hung, hopper-style, awning, and fixed windows. Make sure they are double-glazed or triple-glazed and have tilt-in slashes that will make them easier to clean.

3. Clad windows are recommended. They are windows that have a low-maintenance protective exterior that is durable and long lasting while the interior has an elegant highly desirable look of real wood. However, wood windows require frequent scraping, sanding, and painting or staining. Aluminum-clad windows are the strongest and are dent-resistant and extremely durable. However, they heat easier than fiberglass or vinyl so can be less energy efficient. Vinyl windows are the most popular form and have minimal maintenance and are energy efficient. Even though wood will eventually rot away, vinyl windows will remain in good condition for decades and are also the cheapest type of window you can buy. Fiberglass-clad are the newest type and are very energy-efficient, require low maintenance, and are durable. Fiberglass has little expansion and contraction, so windows stay tightly sealed, which minimizes air infiltration and improves energy efficiency.

4. Cut down on your energy costs with the new windows. Chilly drafts. Chilly breezes during the winter can come into the home from even the tiniest cracks in window glass or framing. Double-paned windows feel only moderately cold even when the temperature outside is very cold.

5. Get several estimates. Most companies are happy to give free estimates, and having several of them will show you the variety of the windows and installations being offered in your community. A wide range of price quotes will put you in the driver’s seat to negotiate a price that will be within your budget. Sitting on the estimates and not immediately acting will usually allow you to negotiate a lower price because this industry has built-in room for negotiations.

6. If budgeting is a factor, consider off-brand windows rather than the expensive name brands. There is fierce competition between replacement window manufacturers, and it is possible to find cheaper replacement windows that will still satisfy your needs.

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