6 Safety Facts Parents Should Know Before Letting Kids Cut the Grass

Mowing the lawn is a productive way for kids to get exercise in the summer. Another benefit is they can earn a sizable income by offering their services to neighbors.

Before you provide your kids with access to the lawn mower, there are safety tips that you should practice. Here are 6 safety facts parents should know before letting kids cut the grass.

1. Be sure your kids are old and mature enough to operate a lawn mower.
Although it’s admirable for your kids to have chores in the summer, they must be old enough to safely handle the responsibility of mowing the lawn. Small children should never operate a lawn mower.

A good age for your kids to operate a push lawn mower is 12 years old. If you own a riding lawn mower, your kids should be at least 16 years old.

Regardless of your kids’ ages, they should be mature enough to operate this equipment. If you notice that your kids don’t understand the risks of operating a lawn mower, assign another chore to them until they are mature enough to handle the responsibility.

2. Provide your kids with lawn mower safety tips and instructions.
Before they use the lawn mower, you should provide your kids with thorough instructions about safety tips and the lawn mower best practices.

Be patient with your kids. It will take a while for your kids to get acclimated to using a lawn mower. Never allow your kids to operate a mower before they are ready.

3. Purchase a lawn mower with safety features.
Although they may be expensive, there are plenty of lawn mowers with high-tech safety features such as handle levers and back flaps. Invest in a lawn mower that makes it easier for your kids to safely mow the lawn.

4. Determine whether your kids are allergic to grass and pollen.
Sneezing, shortness of breath and watery eyes – there are fewer things worse than an allergic reaction to grass and pollen. If your kids experience any of these symptoms, they shouldn’t mow the lawn.

5. Resist the urge to leave your kids alone while they are operating the lawn mower.
When an accident occurs, you may only have a few minutes to respond. Whether you sit on the deck or stand in the driveway, monitor your kids while they are cutting the grass.

6. Provide your kids with the appropriate attire for mowing the lawn.
Kids should wear sturdy shoes, long pants and safety goggles while cutting the grass. It’s important for them to protect their skin from cuts.

By following these tips, your kids can safely mow the lawn.

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