5 Things to Know About Industrial Electronic Repairs

Industrial electronic repairs are important to maintain both safety and production. Without the proper skills or equipment, these repairs can falter and possibly cause damage to equipment and employees. To prevent this, here are five things to know about industrial electronic repairs.

1. Certification is a must
While an industrial electronic repair tech may be very knowledgeable about the subject, they should not touch any equipment unless they show their certification. Without this, management can’t be sure the tech is qualified to repair delicate equipment that may maintain a production line or the safety of others.

Certification is not difficult to achieve. Schools across the country offer training programs on electronic repairs. As these are hands-on courses, technicians gain a better understanding of the equipment and what certain fixes involve.

2. On-site repairs
There are pieces of industrial equipment that can be taken to a shop for repairs. However, this can’t be done with large items. So, the electronic repair firm chosen needs to have an on-site service. In addition, the company shouldn’t be charged an extra fee for an outside service call.

3. Different services for different repairs
Currently, thousands of individuals are employed in the U.S. repair and maintenance sector. However, not all of them can fix every piece of industrial electronics. Some may be specialists in manufacturing equipment while others handle repairs on a medical apparatus.

Thus, a repair outlet shouldn’t be chosen simply because they are less expensive. Companies must focus on repair outlets that specialize in their industry. Doing so increases the chances of a successful repair.

4. The necessities of repair and testing
An industrial electronic tech can’t leave once the repair is done. The equipment needs to be tested to confirm it still handles the capacities it did before it failed. Therefore, they needs to confirm some of these items:

  • Check for any power spikes or drops
  • Conduct load balancing tests
  • Perform drive testing for motors
  • Confirm proper communications in a closed loop system

5. Warranties are a priority
No matter if the repair tech verbally guarantees the equipment’s proper operation, it still needs to be in writing. If not, the return on investment for the fix is nulled. So, choose an industrial electronic repair company that guarantees their services and will come back out to repair the equipment if it fails again.

In the end, don’t leave these types of repairs to people who “think” they know how to fix them. Make sure technicians who specialize in the company’s specific equipment are selected. Not only does this reduce stress on management but it also provides a sense of security that the equipment will be properly repaired the first time.

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