5 Great 3-D Movies to Watch at Home

With a 3-D TV, you can have that exciting movie theater experience without leaving your living room. If you’ve set up an impressive home theater, make the most of it with a great 3-D movie.

1. Avatar

If director James Cameron knows one thing, it’s how to create a truly epic movie experience. He’s continually pushing the boundaries with his filmmaking, and it’s no surprise that he was one of the first directors to embrace 3-D technology with Avatar. The movie doesn’t just use 3-D effects, it’s made for 3-D. You feel like you’re part of the action in this unique world that Cameron created.

2. Gravity

The vastness of space makes the 3-D effects in Gravity an immersive experience. Interestingly enough, director Alfonso Cuaron didn’t shoot this movie in 3-D, and the 3-D effects are the result of a 2-D to 3-D conversion. Despite that, they’re still excellent and never feel like they’ve been tacked on for no reason.

Gravity is more than just amazing effects. It’s an emotional movie, with the acting and music working well together. The audio quality is as good as the special effects, so make sure your surround sound system is up to the task when you play this movie.

3. Puss in Boots

Animated films can also have spectacular 3-D effects, and if you’re looking for a family movie, Puss in Boots is an excellent choice. Antonio Banderas does a great job voicing the title character, giving him just the right amount of bravado and charm. The movie balances humor with exciting action, making it one that both children and adults can enjoy.

4. Dredd

Don’t worry, this isn’t Judge Dredd, the 1995 film that took a beating from film critics. This is the 2012 version, which stayed much truer to its comic book source material. Packed with action, Dredd has its own unique style that makes it stand out from more generic movies.

Dredd seamlessly incorporates its 3-D effects in cool and exciting ways. Its use of foreground and background effects adds another element to several scenes, and the slow-motion sequences are especially thrilling. Keep in mind that this movie gets the most out of its R rating, as its very violent.

5. Tron: Legacy

If ever there was a movie that needed to be 3-D, it’s Tron: Legacy, as the lightcycle sequences simply aren’t the same without it. Tron: Legacy differentiates the movie’s real world from its computer world with its 3-D effects, a smart choice by director Joseph Kosinski. Fans of the original Tron can expect to be blown away by this high-octane sequel.

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