5 Easy Ways to Update your Patio Furniture

Although new patio furniture is sleek and stylish, many of the most popular options for modern homes are somewhat expensive. This isn’t a big problem because a typical homeowner can update old patio accessories without making a large investment. In order to tackle this project successfully, five key steps must be followed during the renovation and design process.

Eliminate Dirt and Debris

When patio furniture is placed on a deck that isn’t protected from the elements, a lot of grime and mold will build up on the surfaces. To remove these harmful flaws, you’ll need to cleanse the material with a professional deep-cleaning product. The chemicals in these cleansers are strong, but they won’t damage the glossy coating that’s found on plastic furniture.

Buff the Material

Any furniture that’s made out of metal can be updated by buffing the surfacing the steel wool. The buffing action will gradually remove any rust that has built up on the furniture pieces. If you don’t have a lot of strength, someone else should tackle this task since aggressive scrubbing can reveal the shiny metal that’s hidden underneath the rust.

Use Spray Paint

Vintage outdoor furniture can be enhanced strategically with a thin layer of spray paint. This is an easy project that a typical homeowner can complete within a few hours. Once you begin the design process, you won’t have to constantly apply multiple coats on the furniture because the paint works well on wooden and stainless steel material. If you invest in a special spray paint, you can successfully update plastic pieces as well.

Visit an Automotive Shop

Although the spray paint products that are sold at hardware stores are cheap, you may want to take a different approach if you’re seeking professional results. The paints that automotive technicians use have key components that make every coat glossy. This glossy coating is very durable, so it won’t fade away after intense sunlight shines on the paint for numerous hours. However, since some automotive shops don’t service patio accessories, you should always call each company in advance.

Buy New Cushions and Fabrics

A few cushions with a trendy design scheme can help you completely update a chair that has vintage elements. The big benefit is that you can make an outdated furniture piece look like new at a low cost by selecting an inexpensive fabric with dramatic colors. If needed, you can also use same the fabric as a cover for any surrounding tables so that the entire design scheme in the patio area matches.

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