5 DIY Ideas for the Perfect Summer Party

Each year when Summertime rolls around, it’s common to feel a sense of pressure to cram as much fun as possible into the short 2-3 month period. For many this time of year means time off of work, warm weather to enjoy (depending on where you live), and a great opportunity to travel or spend quality time with family and friends. Fun Summer parties are inevitable and there are certain elements that every party needs to be successful. There are 5 DIY/creative ideas that can make your party one to remember.
First it’s important to figure out the entertainment at the party, since this is what guests will remember. During Summer, having upbeat music and fun games is always a plus. For music you can create a playlist of hit songs of the Summer and if the party is held in a house/backyard, you can move furniture in the living room/porch to make room for a “dance floor” that everyone can enjoy as the music blares. An idea for a game is to take old buckets from your garage and fill each one with colorful drinks and spread them out at varying distances and have guests team up to throw ping-pong balls into them and drink the punch until there is none left. Next, it is crucial to offer delicious and exciting drinks and refreshments like fruit slushies or popsicles. You can make these from scratch with strawberries or watermelon and then after you freeze/blend the treat, adding fun, colorful cups or umbrella toothpicks for the drink can make for perfect photo opportunities with friends. Speaking of pictures, the fourth idea is to make a DIY summer backdrop or picture frame out of cardboard and recycled supplies; it can be summer-themed and the guests will have pictures as memories. Finally, the last step is to make sure the party has a theme and that the decor matches it, because people of all ages enjoy feeling creative like this. If it is a pool party, the theme could be “fun in the sun” and everyone could come dressed in bright colors and the host could blow up colorful balloons and make blue streamers that look like waves from scratch to go with the theme.
At the end of the day a summer party filled with great friends will always be a good time, but there are unique ways to make it special. Finding the right music, making up fun games, eating refreshing snacks, taking funny pictures, and committing to a theme are 5 solid ways to create the perfect summer party. A party with all of this will be entertaining, affordable, and certainly memorable.

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