5 Best Exercises for Toned Arms

Most people would like to have nice-looking, toned arms. Aside from appearances, exercising the arms is also a great way to boost upper-body strength and improve posture. In this modern world we live in, there are hundreds of bizarre work-out and dieting ideas, plus countless strange home gym machines for sale. Truthfully, none of those things are necessary. The best way to get toned arms is to use these five simple exercises.

The Classic Biceps Curl

Picture someone working out at the gym, and someone doing biceps curls comes to mind. Stand up straight, with small dumbbells in each hand. Curl the lower arms back towards the shoulders. Take it slow and be sure not to move the upper arms. Listen to your body. Don’t use dumbbells that are too heavy and stop right away if pain occurs. Bicep curls can also be done sitting, if standing for a long time is too difficult due to injury or disability.

Regular Push-ups and Diamond Push-ups

Although push-ups are very popular, many people don’t realize they can be used to tone the arms. Regular push-ups are good, while diamond push-ups are even better. Find a mat or other soft surface that won’t strain your wrists. Assume regular push-up position, but put your hands side-by-side so that the space between your thumbs and pointer fingers make an upside-down diamond shape. Whether doing regular-style push-ups or diamond push-ups, it’s a good idea to watch somebody else first. Many people do these exercises incorrectly, which can have a harmful effect.


You’ll need to hit the gym for this exercise. Simply stand below the bar and grab onto it. Try to lift yourself up with your arms. This may be quite difficult or even impossible for some people at first, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it right away. That said, it is a good way to work arm and back muscles for those who can do it.

Seated Dips

You’ll need two benches close together to do seated dips, also called bench dips. You will want to “sit” in the air between the two benches, with your feet on one and your hands propping you up on the other. Lower yourself, then pull yourself back up with your arms. This is one of the easier exercises on this list, so it’s good for beginners.

Walking with Weights

Is walking really a good way to tone the arms? Yes! Some people carry weights with them as they go for a light jog a few times a week. If you’re concerned about dropping them, consider getting weighted gloves made for this type of work-out.

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