5 Best Drinks to Pair with Hot Wings

Do you love hot wings but don’t know what drinks pair well with them. There are many choices you could make but you will want one to cut the heat and taste great with hot wings. Before you order your next hot wings, take into consideration these 5 drink tips that you can use to make the best of your hot wing experience. All 5 will bring out the flavor in the wings while cutting back on the heat.

1.Sauvignon Blanc:

This pairs well with hot wings as the acidity of the tropical fruit will cut the spices on your wings. It is also a dry wine which goes well with hot food. You will not regret pairing this with wings.


If you want to clear your palate when eating hot wings, try a Pilsner. A slightly sweet pilsner will help because as they say something sweet will cut the heat. Mama’s Little Yella Pils is a good one to try. It is light and slightly sweet which will tame down that sauce.


For pairing with hot wings you might want to try a hoppy beer like IPAs. The citrus with a bit of hoppy bitterness will complement the wings and cut through the heat of the hot pepper sauce on the wings. The flavor goes really well with the taste of hot wings.


If you like your wings really hot you might opt for a Martini. It cleanses the palate and cuts some of the heat on really hot wings. Add a few olives which pair well with wings too. Did you ever think a dirty martini could taste this good?


If you are looking for a non- alcoholic drink try a vanilla milk shake. The milk in the shake has the protein casein which will help to neutralize the capsaicin found in hot peppers which is used in the hot sauce on the wings. Milk compliments most fast foods including hot wings. If you not fond of vanilla, any flavor will do.


Hot wings are a great staple for watching the game or just out with friends. If you know which drinks compliment them you can enhance the flavor and cool the heat. Whether you choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks the 5 choices above will enhance your meal and keep your mouth from catching fire.

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