4 Ways to Use Printable Canvas Paper

Printable canvas papers are an extremely durable fabric used by artists for making items with sturdiness such as backpacks, tents, sails, and marquees. Artists often stretch printable canvas papers across a wooden frame and use them as a painting surface. Artists may also use it in fashion objects such as shoes, electronic devices cases, and handbags. Printable canvas papers are often made of polyvinyl chloride, linen or cotton and come in two forms namely, duck and plain. Below are four uses of printable canvas papers.


Over time, printable canvas papers have replaced wooden panels as a support medium for oil painting. Artists can stretch a printable canvas paper on a wooden frame and coat it with gesso to prevent paints from spilling over to the canvas fibers, which can cause the printable canvas paper to decay. In fact, printable canvas papers allow artists to use digital printers or offsets to create canvas prints. After printing, one can wrap the printable canvas paper around a stretched wood frame and display it.

As a Compound Agent

Some people often use printable canvas papers as a covering layer on wooden shields. You can stretch a printable canvas paper on a wooden shield frame and use gesso to cover it before painting it in tempera technique. Moreover, printable canvas papers also allow artists to seal it with transparent varnish. While the application of gesso on a printable canvas paper made it a perfect painting surface, people would use the canvas paper to strengthen the wooden shield to become as sturdy as a glass-reinforced plastic.

For Embroidery

Over time, printable canvas papers have become a favorite base fabric for embroidery application such as Berlin wool work and cross-stitch. Binca canvas, Penelope canvas, Java canvas, and Chess canvas are some of the types of embroidery canvases. Nonetheless, there are plastic canvases that are a little stiffer form of Binca canvas.

For Incorporation of Painted Edges into the Artwork

Printable canvas papers differ from traditional side-stapled canvas, as they allow artists to use a spline to attach them to the rear of the frame. That will enable artists to incorporate painted edges into the back of the structure of the artwork without the use of staples at the side. In fact, it allows them to display their artwork without a frame and stretch their artwork by adjusting the spline. Printable canvas papers can stay expanded for long, but it’s more challenging to re-stretch them when the need arises. You can stretch a printable canvas paper over and glue it to a cardboard backing and use it to create a canvas board that artists can use for quick studies.

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