4 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Prepaid Phone

Prepaid phones caught on like wildfire, because people tired of paying two-year plan prices. They grumbled when paying roaming charges, and they grumbled when paying for charges that were included in the basic plan.

Alternatively, prepaid phones were simple. Users got what they wanted at much better prices. So what should you consider when shopping for a prepaid phone?

1. Choose Your Provider

You have a choice of providers such as Ting, Consumer Cellular, Pure Talk, and the list goes on. These providers charge as little as $15 to $20 dollars per month for unlimited text, talk, and data.

You can pay your bill online or from your phone. You even get a choice between brands of smart phones, and you’ll pay up to $100 less than you would pay with the Big Four.

2. Make Sure Your Area Is Covered

Most prepaid providers ride the coattails of the Big Four. Wherever you are in this country, you’re covered. However, there are some places, such as deeply rural areas, that coverage is hit or miss. Be sure to check the coverage map on every prepaid provider you consider to ensure good coverage.

3. How Much Data Do You Need?

Some prepaid plans are made for those who do office work from their phones. Others watch TV and movies on their phones, or read books from them. Many people hang out on social media sites all day and night. The max data plan is designed for these people.

If you only use your data plan to get directions to the nearest greatest restaurant or to check movie times, then the minimum, usually one gig, is perfect for you. The in-between, usually two gigs, is for those who are trapped in the doctor office or the DMV with nothing to do but hit Facebook. Knowing how much data you use will save you money.

4. Now It’s Time To Buy A Phone

You should note that not every phone will be compatible with your chosen carrier. The phone, if bought online or in a department store, will need to be unlocked. Your carrier can then hook you up to their plans.

With that said, prepaid carriers charge for phones up front. The Big Four integrates the cost of the phone into the bill on the two-year plan. Prepaid carriers save you money on smart phones, because they charge up to $200 less than the Big Four.

Prepaid phones are making a splash in the smart phone industry, and justifiably so. They offer quality plans, quality phones, and in a better price range. These days, those kind of savings are vital to our financial health.

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