4 Facts to Know Before Choosing a Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are used by different people in different ways and for different reasons. Before choosing or designing your challenge coin. You need to consider the following four important facts;


The artwork


You should first do a brainstorming of various challenge coin companies so as to decide on the kind of face you want on your coin. In order to embrace and maintain uniqueness, you should choose to pick art images that relate well to the event or people you are giving the challenge coin. There are vast and variant options you can go for. For instance;


  • Flags
  • Monuments
  • Sports
  • Dates
  • Cultural symbols.

The artwork also entails the kind of materials used at the heart of the coin. This material is either brass or zinc. Therefore you need to weigh out on the two material. Brass is more rigid but heavier and expensive. Zinc, on the other hand, is lighter and cheaper but offers lower quality.




The measurement of coins is normally done in diameter. The U.S quarter is a preferred reference point that you can use in order to obtain the size you require for your challenge coin.


The challenge coins are bigger in size than the U.S currency. Their sizes range from 1.5 to 3 inches in diameter. The quarter is almost half inch smaller in diameter than the smallest standard size challenge coin.




The Challenge coins come in different edges. It is quite imperative that you think of the right type of edge before placing an order of the challenge coin. The edges can be;


  • Flat
  • Rope cut edge
  • Spur edge
  • Oblique line
  • Diamond cross cut edge
  • Flat weave edge.

The edge can also be plain, reeded, lettered, or decorated. There are unique anti-counterfeiting measures which are placed on the edge. This serves as a motto or serial number. Due to difficult to view this, many challenge coins are left plain.




This is the paint or colour used to decorate the challenge coins. The colours are normally of different quality and texture. The enamel can either be soft or hard. Soft enamel is similar to spray or model paint. This lacks luster and is easily removable. It dries unevenly at regular temperatures and fades easily if left too long in direct sunlight. Hard enamel o the other hand has a higher quality and can only be heated or baked to a coin through curing. This makes it more durable and gives a glossy finish which is highly durable and much resistant to fading. Though they are more costly compared to the soft enamel.

The above-mentioned facts will help you choose the right challenge coin. This will help you get the perfect design for your needs.

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