4 Benefits to Having Interior Solar Shades

Life today is all about saving money, sustainability, energy efficiency, plus good looks and comfort. Not many things provide all that, but one does. Those remodeling their homes or making their mark on new houses immediately consider window treatments. Window treatments must answer the points above and not cost both arms and legs.

What Are Solar Shades?

Solar shades are a type of window treatment much like roller shades. They are made of varying sustainable materials which reflect sunlight back outside. They allow light inside, but not the sun’s damaging UV rays. The family will see through them without the glare. Solar shades come in light and dark colors. Oddly, the dark shades allow families to see through them better than through light shades.

Why Use Shades Instead Of Other Window Treatments?

Shades offer homeowners protection from the heat and cold that shutters can’t offer. Shades block the light while still allowing it into the room. Drapes can’t do that. Moreover, fabrics, colors, and shade arrangements are making it into the mainstream. Many shades are as adjustable as blinds, but with prettier colors and sheer fabrics.

With all these window covering choices out there, it’s no wonder homeowners have a hard time choosing between them. For the most part, trending now is layering window treatments. Hanging your solar shades inside the window frame and then dressing the window in drapes is the way most people are going now.

4 Benefits To Having Interior Solar Shades

The advantages of using interior solar shades are many. However, we’ll discuss four of the most important advantages.

1. Money. Solar shades reflect light instead of penetrating a room. The air conditioner won’t work as hard, saving homeowners money. They block cold air in the winter, thus the heater won’t run so much. Solar shades have a 20 year life span. These shades will pay for themselves in no time.

2. Glare. Home offices will not suffer light blocking the worker from seeing the computer screen. The family will see the TV without bright spots blocking the screen. Light won’t reflect off textbooks as the kids do their homework at the kitchen table. Nor will it reflect off shiny surfaces like granite counter tops, the vent over the stove, or the fridge.

3. Privacy. Those walking dogs, jogging, or driving by the house won’t see inside. While solar shades allow light into the room, it prevents others from looking into it.

4. Motorized. Solar shades come in motorized or manual mode. This is good for keeping pets and small children from wrapping themselves in window treatment cords. It also prevents guests from tripping over long cords on the floor.

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