3 Simple Tips To Help You Select Your New Bathroom Colors

If you are thinking about freshening up your bathroom with a new coat of paint or tile, it can be hard to decide what color scheme to go with. Here are 3 simple tips to decide on what colors to choose for your bathroom.


Select a Color That is Complimentary

It is best to go with a color shade that is complimentary to the rest of your house. If the rest of your rooms are different shades of blue and then you make the bathroom a bright yellow, it may stand out a bit too much. Pick a similar shade to one you already have or at least one that is complimentary on the color wheel to help the rooms of your house flow better together.


This doesn’t just stick to wall paint. Think about fixtures as well. If all the fixtures in your home are brushed nickel, it might look a little odd that your bathroom has antique brass fixtures. Or the wood types – if you have dark contemporary looking pieces all over your house and you pick a bathroom cabinet that is shaker style oak, the style won’t flow well with the rest of your home.


Stay Classic

One of the most classic bathroom looks to have is all white. All white tile, walls, cabinet, etc. It is a clean and classic looked that is favored by many. While most everything in the bathroom is white, you can add little pops of color through wall art or accessories – like a vase with some flowers. The biggest downside to having the classic all white bathrooms is that any bit of dirt will be obvious and show right away.


Pick a Favorite

It is important that you like the colors inside your home. One of the easiest options is to go with your favorite color. Each main color has a multitude of shade variations to choose from – some are lighter, some are darker, and some have touches of another color. Pick the color and shade that calls out to you. You will be happier everyday seeing your favorite shade.


If you are renovating your current bathroom or starting fresh with a new build, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Keep in mind even if you pick a color, not everything in the room has to be that color. If you still are stuck on which direction to go with your bathroom renovation choices, you can speak with an interior decorator or consult with someone at a store that specializes in bathroom décor.

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