4 Reasons to Give Car Detailing Services as a Gift

May 13, 2018 James A. Newton 0

Our vehicles are more than transportation, they are an extension of our living space. We take time to clean our homes, but our vehicles take a beating. We use them for hauling stuff around, carpooling children, and getting back and forth to work. We put many miles on our vehicles, and spend many hours in our vehicles, so why shouldn’t they be kept-up just as nice as our home space? The next time you need a gift for your friend or your family, get a car detailing service! Imagine the happiness you’ll give with a clean car. Give a gift you would like to be given, a car detail. Here are 4 reasons you should give a car detailing service as a gift this year.

1. It’s a Universal Gift
Every adult who has a vehicle needs this gift. The busy mom, the overworked dad, the swamped college student, the handicapped friend, and the elderly grandma, all of these would love their vehicle detailed. You could purchase this for the whole family, one stop shopping!

2. It’s a Gift That Will Be Used
Have you ever given a gift, spent good money on it, and you know theĀ person did not use it? You feel awful for choosing a bad gift that is wasted. With a car detailing, it surely won’t be wasted. Your recipients will be rushing over to get their vehicle cleaned up, looking good, and smelling decent again. As part of the gift, you could actually take their vehicle and have it done for them.

3. It’s a Gift That You Can Use Too
Do you ever purchase yourself a gift? While you are shopping for everyone else, don’t forget yourself. Having your vehicle clean will make you feel good too. It will give pep to your step, and your vehicle will smell good, bringing a smile to your own face.

4. It’s the gift To Make You the ‘Cool X’
Each gift giving holiday there is the person who really nails it in the gift giving department, really thinks of theĀ best gift. The ‘Cool Uncle’, the ‘Cool Cousin’, and the ‘Cool Daughter’ really pick the right gift for the occasion, and it does not have to be tangible. Getting your loved ones a car detailing service will make you the ‘Cool X’. It’s not a normal, hum-drum boring gift that will collect dust!

So the decision is made; everyone who is one your list with a vehicle gets a care detailing service for their birthday this year! You don’t have to struggle with what to purchase anymore, because you already know what will make a big hit!

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